Order Fulfillment Centers

Order Fulfillment Centers

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Order Fulfillment centers have been gaining traction lately as more and more companies look for a cost effective solution for their Order Fulfillment needs.

Whether you are a multi-national corporation needing order fulfillment, a new start-up, a Warehousing and Fulfillment Center is a good place to get started.

Specialized Services

  • Drop-ship order fulfillment
  • E-Commerce order fulfillment
  • EDI order fulfillment
  • Wholesale order fulfillment
  • Specialty packaging
  • Reverse Logistics

Activities of Order Fulfillment Centers

Internet sellers often experience ups and downs throughout the year.

Your Fulfillment Center should allow you to more easily handle sales volatility, while enabling rapid growth for your startup or established business. Here’s a brief overview of fulfillment services:

  • Receiving
  • Inventory storage
  • Pick and pack services
  • Product shipping
  • Returns processing

Order Fulfillment Centers allow you to maintain constant visibility over your inventory, orders and shipments.

  • 24/7 access
  • Inventory forecasts
  • Low inventory alerts
  • Order status updates
  • Shipment tracking
  • Shipping news and alerts

Price :

There’s generally 4 costs that go into a fulfillment service:


Fee Type
Avg. Amount
Intake Fees
$15 – $35 per pallet
The cost of receiving and sorting your products in the warehouse.
Storage Fees
$15 – $40 a month per pallet
The cost of keeping your goods in the warehouse, usually measured by pallet or cubic feet. Companies may also charge a shelf fee for the amount of space needed to keep your products at hand.
Pick and Pack Fees
$0 – $3 per package
The charge for warehouse workers to gather and package your orders. This amount usually varies depending on the number of items going into the box & packaging materials being used. Some services (like Amazon) charge depending on the item weight.
Shipping Fees
Up to 50% off standard rates
How much does it cost to ship your item? You might be surprised how much this varies from service to service. Some (like Shipwire) charge standard market rates. Most, however, give you discounts based on the volume of packages you ship.

Like any type of business, fulfillment companies often specialize in handling a particular product. One may be well versed in handling clothing, for example, which requires extra care when picking off the shelf .  Another may specialize in perishable foods or cosmetics, which is subject to stricter regulation.

Likewise, fulfillment companies tend to serve different niches when it comes to the type of service they offer. Some are more focused on speed, such as getting orders out the same day the are received, while others may focus on accuracy and security.





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