Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services

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More than 80% of all cargo is moved via Ocean. Ocean Freight Services are usually outsourced. We choose a freight forwarder or a shipping company to handle it for us. It is imperative that we understand how it works.

Doing international shipping is exciting, but it can also be challenging. There are many regulations that make it a bit complex. International ocean freight services are very complex these days due to many new regulations.

This guide will to outline how the process works and to help you make informed choices, especially about how to prepare and how to choose an International Shipping Company. This is primarily This applies to anyone who is shipping goods .

Who is Involved in an International Shipment

Many people and companies are involved in an international shipment, and it will help if you understand who they are, what they do, and how they work together.

1. The Shipper

This is you, the person doing the shipment.

2. The Shipping Company

3. The Origin Agent

4. The Freight Forwarder

This is the company that will arrange the ocean freight and do the export documentation (

5. The Consolidating Warehouse

6. The Export Port

This is the actual port where the container is brought (already loaded and sealed) to be loaded onto the ship.

7. The Shipping Line

This is the company that owns the ship.

8. The Container Line

The Container Line is the company that owns and rents out the ocean container. This may or may not be the same as the Ship Line, but for all practical purposes it won’t make a difference to you.

9. The Destination Port

This is where the goods are finally unloaded in the country of destination.

11. The Destination Agent

This is the company in the destination country that will handle the customs clearing procedures, dealings with the port, and delivery to your residence.

12. The Broker

A Broker is a Move Manager that does not do any of the other work.

Most important, a Broker has no one checking his financial stability. If you pay a Broker and he doesn’t pay the Ship Line, you don’t get your goods! In contrast, the Federal Maritime Commission requires a bond from its licensees, and respected industry trade groups such as FIDI-FAIM check the financial stability of their member companies.

How NOT to Select an International Shipping Company
 Here is what NOT to do:

1. Shop on Price

This is a sure-fire way to run into problems. Scammers prey on greed and ignorance.

2. Don’t Get a Visual Survey

3. Don’t Read the Fine Print


 How to Select an International Shipping Company

So you now know what not to do. Now let’s talk about what TO do.

1. Start Sorting

2. Get References from Knowledgeable People or Groups

3. Select Three International Shipping Companies to Get Quotes From

4. Get Visual Surveys

5. Read the Entire Quote

Services offered by International freight forwarders:

Ocean Freight services

Warehousing and distribution

Air Freight


Customs clearance

Inland transportation

Cross Docking


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