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Ocean Freight makes up for Up to 90% of the transportation of the world’s merchandise. Merchandise is carried by ocean and the reason is that there are multiple benefits for foreign trade compared with air, rail or road transport.

International shipping is usually carried via ocean as Air freight might be too costly and inland transportation might be logistically impossible.

In an ever-growing globalized economy, the necessity for shipping bigger volumes of cargo in the less time possible is increasing. This has led to the construction of the so-called mega vessels, with the capacity to carry huge amounts of goods into thousands of shipping containers at once. This dynamic benefits the economy of scale and foreign trade, import, and export of all kinds of merchandise and raw materials.

Shipping container cost estimating can be a complex procedure or a simple one. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.
How large a container is needed? Will it suffice to ship 20 ft container or is it necessary to ship 40 ft container?  What about land transport to and from the port?

Why Ocean Freight is the best choice ?

  • It´s cheaper: The Shipping industry has the most competitive freight costs, as is one of the most cost-effective ways of goods transportation through long distances.
  • It´s the ideal way to move big volumes of cargo: Vessels are built to carry huge amounts of goods and raw materials in comparison with the capacity of airplanes or trucks. In addition, shipping allows the movement of liquids, gas and dangerous cargo. For this matter, there are certain regulations to keep the safety of the vessel, the crew, and the cargo.
  • It´s safe: The percentages of losses caused by incidents during transport by sea have dropped until it lowest since a decade according to reports from Allianz.
  • It’s eco-friendly: In comparison with the road transport, the maritime industry is less dangerous for the environment. The shipping industry is responsible for only 12% of the total of pollution generated by human economic activities.

Keep in mind that ocean freight is not ideal for all your transportation needs. Air Freight could come in handy. Consult with your freight forwarder before making the final decision.


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