Procurement Service Providers

Budget Source is a one of the leading Procurement Service Providers . We supplement and improve client resources with professional services which include, market research, strategic sourcing, Global Sourcing, Talent management, benchmarking, vendor management and spend management. Our Services help companies increase their efficiency and reduce their spending . Our professional staff, helped many companies achieve optimum results while cutting costs. We work as your partners. Your success is our primary goal.

Procurement outsourcing is the transfer of specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party — perhaps to reduce overall costs or maybe to tighten the company’s focus on its core competencies. Procurement categorization and vendor management of indirect materials and services (commonly referred to as Indirect procurement) are typically the most popular outsourced activity.
As one of the leading outsourcing companies in South Florida, we have helped so many businesses reach their goals, increase productivity and maximize profits.

Procurement Service Providers
Procurement categories

Procurement Service Providers usually split procurement activities into two parts:

  1. Direct procurement. Direct categories are all goods purchased by the company which directly enter into the production process of that company. For the food industry as an example, ingredients and packaging will be the key direct procurement categories.
  2. Indirect Procurement. Indirect categories are all the goods and services that are bought by the company to enable its activity. This entails a wide scope, including marketing related services (media buying, agencies), IT related services (hardware, software), HR related services (recruitment agencies, training), facilities management and office services (Telecoms, furniture, cleaning, catering, printers), or utilities (gas, electricity, water)…etc.

In Simple terms procurement service providers is are companies like a third party logistics company , a web design company,  a collections agency  or a cost containment company

If you thin about it , outsource many of our functions to a specialized company . a construction company builds our house, a freight forwarder handles our cargo and an accountant handles our books.

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